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Going to college is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences any student goes through. From not knowing your peers to living in a completely different environment than what you have been used to your whole life, moving through this experience can be both challenging and exhausting for anyone going through it. College dorms are also extremely small, making it difficult to have any space for your belongings (especially when you are sharing a room with another student). It is important that any student feels comfortable and at home in the space they are living in, which is why anyone going to college should invest in a self-storage unit and feel the many benefits they have. 

Maximize Dorm Space

Declutter Your Living Area: Most college dorm rooms are about the size of a single bedroom in a standard home and are also often shared with at least one other person. Investing in a storage unit will ensure your students' living space is decluttered, as well as create room to fit all they need. Since the moving process and living with someone you may not have met before is already extremely stressful, providing more room for your student to store things will undoubtedly help ease their mind. Just A Closet understands the stress of moving to college, which is why they provide a variety of storage sizes that will best fit your needs.  

Seasonal Storage: Keeping unnecessary winter clothing during summer and spring, or keeping summer clothes during the fall and winter months, ultimately contributes to a space that is messy and hard to handle. Investing in a storage unit would help your student keep their closet, which is already small as it is, much more organized, and easier to look through. Just A Closet in Texas provides supplies and units that will best help you organize your space, and keep all your items in order so they are easily accessible whenever you need them. 

Simplify Moves and Transitions

Easier Transitions Between Semesters: As someone who has moved many friends in and out of storage units when they move back home for the summer, I can attest that a storage unit is the easiest way to conquer this process. Not having to move your belongings back and forth when out of the state and being able to organize them in order of how you want to move them into your dorm makes the moving process much easier and more efficient. Just A Closet also has locations that are conveniently located and offer dollies and drive-up access to make your move even easier. Discover their different locations and the features they offer, and feel the ease of moving with a facility that provides you with everything you need. 

Temporary Storage for Study Abroad: Many students are allowed to study abroad, but only for a constrained amount of time. Knowing where to place your items during this time can be difficult, which is where self-storage comes in to make your experience much more enjoyable. Rather than paying for rent in a space that you won’t be living in, rent a storage unit near you and save on the cost of space. Your belongings will be safe and ready for you to take whenever you come back. 

Enhanced Academic and Personal Organization

Organize Study Materials: Keeping past assignments you need or textbooks for different courses could result in your dorm space being unorganized and hard to navigate. Investing in a storage unit will help keep all your materials organized and out of the way for when you don’t need them. Just A Closet offers climate-controlled units that will ensure your delicate paperwork and textbooks are safe and protected from Texas’ changing climate. Visit their website to learn more about their climate-controlled units, and get the best insights into understanding when you need one by reading their blogs.  

Store Personal Projects and Hobbies: Having less room also means you don’t have the space to keep your projects that have meaning. Being able to continue to work on side projects for your entertainment is so important for reducing stress and having an outlet to express yourself freely. You may also have hobbies requiring you to own certain equipment, which is extremely difficult to keep in such a small dorm space. Renting a storage unit frees up your space and allows you to continue doing side projects that bring you joy! Find the perfect unit for you, and read Just A Closet's size guide to know which size unit is best for your needs. Here, you can visualize and roadmap how you want to store your unit making the moving process much easier. 


Renting a storage unit can significantly enhance your college experience by offering more space for supplies and providing room for all you need without having to cram your belongings in a small dorm room. Store units streamline the moving process, making going back and forth from home so much easier and less stressful. Just A Closet has all the solutions you need when renting a storage unit. Read their article on essential reasons for college students to purchase a storage unit, and help finalize your decision to rent a storage unit. Feel how easy moving out of your dorm can be with a Just A Closet storage unit near you!

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