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Although more expensive than regular units, climate-controlled units provide many additional benefits and are sometimes necessary when storing certain items. If you are storing important documents, couches or beds, or even fragile shelves and cabinets, you may want to consider looking into a storage unit where you can control the temperature and humidity of the space your items are kept in. Follow the advice below, and learn more about the reasons to rent a climate-controlled unit and which items should be stored in these units. 

Fragile Items Require Climate-Controlled Storage

When storing certain items, many of them will benefit from being in an environment that is not too hot or too cold but some items truly need it to prevent them form being destroyed. Popular items that are stored, in general, are furniture made of wood or metal, leather couches, photographs, clothing, and collectibles (such as books, stamps, coins, etc.). These items are also the ones that need to be stored in a space that is climate-controlled because they can become destroyed if exposed to too much moisture or heat. Wood can be cracked or rotted, metal can rust, and leather can become discolored if kept in a unit that is simply sitting in the heat or cold. Just A Closet’s affordable climate-controlled units can help satisfy these requirements, and ensure they are kept in an environment that will allow them to remain in the state they are in. 

Evaluating Which Items Need Climate Control

Purchasing a climate-controlled when unnecessary is not a choice any renter wants to make, especially given the costs associated with these units are higher than that of regular ones. When deciding between the two, asking yourself the following questions will ensure you are making the best decision:

Can it get mold or mildew?

Can it wrap, crack, deteriorate, or become discolored if moist?

Would high heat cause it to respond or contract?

Is it designed to be stored at a certain temperature (for example win or photographs)?

Is it sensitive to extreme heat or cold?

Is it rare, sentimental, and/or valuable?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a climate-controlled unit is the best choice for your storage needs. 

Climate Controlled Units Help Keep your Items in Top Tier Condition

Investing in a storage unit already ensures your belongings are safe from theft at all times of the day. A climate-controlled unit ensures your belongings are safe and kept in the condition they were in when first stored. Discover more of the benefits behind climate-controlled units by renting from Just A Closet, which also has this blog that discusses the many benefits of a climate-controlled unit. Understand which items need climate control and shop with Just A Closet to rent an affordable unit conveniently located near you.

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